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Discs, sheets, cups, bushings and tubes, easily ordered from stock for use in OEM products, filter assemblies, etc.

High strength, high precision, high durability.
Mott products are made with over 60 years of sintered porous metal expertise which enables repeatable performance over time and durability unlike any other competitive products.

Typical applications include:

Breathers – Pressure Equalization
Column Termination – Chromatography
Flame Arresting
Fluid Flow Restriction/Flow Control
Gas Liquid Contacting
Heat Sink
Mold Vents
Noise Attenuation
Oxygenation/Oxygen Stripping
Particle Flotation
Pump Inlet Filtration
Sensor Protecting
Vacuum Platens
Volatile Stripping
Web Flotation

Mott offers high precision filters and fluid control devices that dramatically improve performance under extreme operating conditions.

From flow control devices to complete filters,
Mott delivers what you need in various configurations and customized products.

Much of our business is based on customizing products to a customers’ specification. Our design and development teams take great care in providing specialized engineering solutions that solve problems for our customers. These solutions make products and processes more efficient and better for our world and our future.

Mott’s porous metal parts and shapes are found in a variety of applications throughout industries such as analytical instrumentation, specialty chemical, medical, refinery, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and many others.

We manufacture a tremendous variety of products for these industries, ranging from parts less than an inch long to skid-mounted filtration systems as large as a multi-story building. But the one element they all have in common is our unique media – Mott sintered porous metal.

Primary characteristics of Mott metal are high strength, high precision and configuration flexibility – meaning we can provide it in a wide range of shapes, media grades, types of metal, and then apply advanced welding techniques to add fittings, housings and even fully automated systems.

A more detailed explanation of Mott porous metal media features and benefits depends somewhat on the context in which it is used::

  • OEM Parts and Products (Basic and custom shapes, spargers, inline filters, standard and customized flow restrictors,flow orifices and flow plugs for Industrial Applications)
  • Process Filtration Systems (Large-scale process filters and replacement elements)
  • High Purity Manufacturing (Filters, spargers, flow restrictors,flow orifices and flow plugs, diffusers – Biotechnology  and Semiconductor Applications)

For additional reference information on porous sintered metals made from metal powder, download the 24-page Porous Metal Design Guidebook from MPIF (Metal Powder Industries Federation), or visit their Web site at http://www.mpif.org.

Mott's Sintered Porous Metal Shapes:






Unique Solutions – Whatever your application requires.

Mott takes the basic media one step further by incorporating porous structures in filter elements and cartridges, air rolls and vacuum rolls, snubbers, silencers, standard and customized flow restrictors, instrument filters, inertial filters and components for melt polymer spinning.

HyPulse® filters.

For even greater convenience, Mott can provide porous filter elements complete with their housings and fittings. We help you select proper sizes, inlet and outlet connections, materials for wetted parts and other features for high-efficiency filtration.

HyPulse filtration systems.

Mott HyPulse filters provide exceptional performance in many liquid/solids and gas/solids separation applications. Catalyst recovery, liquid clarification, calciner offgas and injection well protection are just a few applications where HyPulse filters are working today.

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HyPulse is a trademark of Mott Corporation, Farmington, CT, USA